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Are You Allergic To Your Home’s Air?

As all of us Texans know, seasonal allergies can really cause us some trouble. Allergies that follow you into the home are perhaps the most inconvenient of all – you lose your sense of safety and relaxation when air contaminants follow you to your safe space. But why does it feel like you’re allergic to your own air?

Mission AC wants to return the health and safety of your indoor air quality by providing clean air in Houston. Let us share some knowledge about allergens in the air and the best ways to avoid their effects.

What Causes Allergies In Your Home?

Allergic reactions occur after exposure to biological allergens. While being inside may feel like you’ve escaped the outdoor allergies, indoor allergens are just as prevalent. Here are some of the most common allergens that affect indoor air quality in Houston homes:

  • Pollen – originates from plants
  • Viruses – transmitted by people and animals
  • Mold – grown in moist areas
  • Bacteria – carried by people, pets, plant debris and soil
  • Pest Droppings – left by mice and cockroaches and turned airborne

Allergens such as these are very common and cause a multitude of uncomfortable symptoms to arise in allergic people.

  • Sneezing 
  • Itchy/watery eyes 
  • Coughing 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Dizziness 
  • Lethargy 
  • Fever 
  • Digestive disruption

How To Control Allergens In Your Home

Once you’ve identified what might be causing your allergy symptoms you’ll want to figure out how to limit them inside your home. There are several ways you can reduce biological contaminants from circulating in your air.

Use Exhaust Fans

Make sure you utilize exhaust fans in kitchens, bathrooms and the attic. This ventilation helps expel allergens from your home and let fresh air in. It also reduces the build-up of moisture, which reduces the chances of mold growth.

Clean All Water

Water is the enemy of clean air. If you use humidifiers or dehumidifiers make sure to thoroughly clean them often to prevent anything from growing in the moisture. Also, replace any water with fresh water inside the container.

Always dry carpets really well that have gotten wet. Even a slightly damp carpet can grow mold or mildew in your home. If you cannot dry your carpet within 24 hours of the initial spill or leak, consider replacing it. Mold can begin to grow very quickly.

Furniture Covers and Cleaning

Vacuuming often definitely helps reduce dust mites and dander from being spread. You should also use mattress covers and even furniture covers that can be washed. This will reduce how much your furniture can retain allergens into the fabric.

Need Professional IAQ Help?

If you still feel like your allergy symptoms are coming from inside your home, contact our team at Mission AC. Houston allergen prevention is our specialty, and we’ll be happy to test your air and get to the bottom of what allergens are causing you so much trouble. Give us a call!

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