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Why Seasonal Maintenance?

If your HVAC refrigerant is undercharged by just 15% you’ll pay 25% MORE in cooling costs.  Correcting refrigerant is one of over 20 items inspected during seasonal maintenance in order to prevent future failures AND make your HVAC system last longer and operate more effectively.  With seasonal maintenance we can fix minor problems before they become big ones.  Thus Reducing the possibility of 105 degree day A/C breakdowns.

What is Priority Service?

Simple, Maintenance Customer repair needs will be placed above customers not enrolled in program.  Summer heat is no time to wait.

How will my seasonal tune ups be scheduled?

Our typical process includes email (with online scheduling), mailer, and phone calls.  We will contact you several times on each medium to ensure you receive the full benefits of the program.

Is  the program transferable?

Yes,  If you move to another home we continue to honor the contract.  As long as the system exists in the Houston area.  May require adjustment to number of system. Just give us a call to update the location and number of systems.

When do my program benefits begin?

Discounts, Warranties, Auto Scheduling, Priority Service all begin as soon as you are enroll.  For monthly paying customers the first prepaid maintenance tune up begins in the upcoming fall or spring (ie. If sign up in august.  You’ll qualify for prepaid Fall Tune up in October/November. If enrolled in October, first pre-paid maintenance will be provided starting Feb/March).

How do I sign up?

Simple – choose the plan you’d like and purchase in our secure shopping center.  This is powered securely by Stripe. You may also call into one of our representatives for registering over the phone.

More Questions?

Our support team is available Mon-Fri and usually responds in an hour or less. Call Us, we are happy to help.  Also see our Terms & Conditions.

How do I cancel service?

Canceling Mission Maintenance is an easy and no-questions-asked process.  Call Mon-Fri 8am-6pm for immediate assistance.