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DIY Garbage Disposal Maintenance

November 13, 2018 | Blog


As a commonly used kitchen appliance, the garbage disposal is one of the most compact, yet durable plumbing appliances we use. We count on this to make our household duties less stressful, but you can run into some issues and malfunctions if you’re not regularly maintaining it. In this blog, Mission AC & Plumbing teaches you some simple and effective ways you can keep your sink disposal clean and free of clogs.


Because they come in contact with so much food waste, certain particles can become lodged under your blades. If you’re not regularly cleaning your disposal, your appliance may begin to attract bugs, especially fruit flies. This can be an annoying issue to have in your kitchen, but solving this problem only takes a few household items and a bit of your time.

Set traps around your sink area to attract the fruit flies and make sure they’re not returning to your disposal. Fill a shallow bowl with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. This a very simple, yet effective method of ridding your kitchen of bugs. The pungent smell will cause them to gravitate to the trap you’ve set, and the dish soap is what causes them to perish when they come in contact with the concoction.

Using liquid soap is an easy way to make sure your disposal blades stay clean after a long period of use. If you’ve been using your sink and disposal for awhile and you’re ready to sanitize it after a night of dishwashing, try running some cold water and soap down your drain. This helps you avoid a buildup of bacteria underneath the blades.

Lemon and orange peels are two simple ways you can ensure you always have a fresh sink that’s free of foul odors. These won’t clog your drains, and it will produce a strong smell of citrus within your sink. The texture of the peels also help sharpen the blades of your disposal, helping it remain efficient.

Not enough people know how to clean a garbage disposal, and many of those who do simply choose not to take the time to maintain this appliance. As long as you have a little spare time and the aforementioned items, you’ll be able to keep your disposal clean and fresh for the foreseeable future.

Clog Removal

At times, you may run into clogs that stop your disposals from working properly. Grease, fats, and foreign objects are only a few of the things that can block your drain. And even though many of us make a concentrated effort to keep our drains and disposals clear of any potential clogs, nearly everyone has had to deal with a drain clog before.

However, garbage disposal repair isn’t as difficult as you may think. Thankfully, there’s a relatively cheap and easy way to remove most clogs from your drainage.

If you have a clogged disposal that’s not working properly, pour a generous amount of baking soda on each side of your sink. You’ll generally want to use half of the box for each side.

Next, pour white vinegar on each side and allow this mixture to sit in your drains for half an hour. Afterwards, prepare some boiling water and pour it down each side. Doing this will remove any basic clogs that may be lodged within your kitchen drains.

Already tried this and you still have some sort of stoppage within your drains? If so, you may need to reach out to Plumber Houston services. Leaving clogs untreated can cause the rest of your plumbing system to slow down and lose its efficiency.

Clog Avoidance

Garbage disposals are workhorses, and given their size, they’re able to properly grind plenty of different foods and wastes. However, this doesn’t mean that simply anything can be disposed of via this appliance. There are a few items that you’ll want to avoid if you’d like to make sure you don’t run into any clogging issues.

Potato peels are a common cause of clogging. Grinding these up will create a thick paste that will surely clog your drains and stop your disposal from properly working.

Banana peels are another type of waste that can’t be ground up. Not only will this create a paste, but it will also create a stringy material that will stop your disposal from properly working.

Expandable foods will also cause clogs, so be sure to avoid letting these come in contact with your kitchen sink.

Regardless of what you’re trying to dispose of, it’s important to use plenty of water while the garbage disposal is operating. This simple action will greatly help your disposal properly flush out after it’s done grinding up your wastes.

Above all else, remember that your garbage disposal is only meant for biodegradable food. While you may be trying to quickly dispose of paper, glass, or some other type of waste you’ve got in your home, the garbage disposal is not the place for this. Attempting to dispose of these types of materials can cause severe clogs in your drains and cause your garbage disposal to fail.

Your garbage disposal is an appliance you can count on for years to come, but only if you properly clean and maintain it. If you don’t, you may find yourself searching for plumber services Houston and inquiring about a potential garbage disposal replacement. You now know how to keep your disposals in great shape so you won’t have to worry about an early replacement.

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