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Plumbing Supply: What Are the Common Cause of Toilet Problems and How to Solve Them?

August 31, 2018 | Blog


As any homeowner knows plumbing issues can range from a running toilet to a busted pipe, and everything in between. These issues always come without warning. The hope is of course that the repair will only require a quick trip to the plumbing supply store, which luckily is the case for the most common plumbing issues. This article will explore some of the most common concerns and how to do your own toilet-related repairs.

Plumbing Leak Repair

One of the most common plumbing issues are water leaks. Pipes burst and crack due to changes in temperatures, corrosion, water pressure, clogs, and other issues. Not all leaks are obvious, and some pipes can leak for an extended period of time before there is any indication of the issue. Although it’s not likely that you’ll have plumbing leak detection equipment, some obvious  signs of a plumbing leak could be a higher than usual water bill, or unusual wet areas on the lawn. Should repairs be necessary we recommend the Mission AC and Plumbing DIY plumbing guide for plumbing leak repair. This guide will give you the information and confidence you’ll need to make minor leak repairs and more.

Toilet Clogs and Blockage

When you think of a toilet clogging you probably think of toilet paper and non-flushable items being the cause for congestion in the pipes. While this might be a common cause for clogging, other factors like the quality of your toilet or even hard water deposits can be the culprit. On occasion the toilet may not even be the issue, but rather the drain line itself. In this case any acidic chemical solution containing lye can solve the internal backup. Hair can also be a common drain clogging culprit. To prevent clogging be sure to inspect your toilet every 6 months or so, and clean it regularly. To perform an inspection remove the tank lid and flush the toilet. You check to be sure that the flapper is sealing well and the fill valve stops running at the right water level. Other ways to avoid clogs is to ensure that only human waste and toilet paper are flushed. Throw away hair, lent, tissue and other discarded items in the trash. Also be sure to select a toilet paper that can easily breakdown versus the thicker styles to avoid making a call to plumbing companies in Houston.  Flush solids often in lieu of building them up in the bowl and exceeding the toilet’s flushing capacity.

A Noisy Toilet

Your toilet might be making annoying and repetitive noises that are telltale signs of the problem. Here are some examples:

High-Pitch Whistling and Squealing

This is when there is a high-pitched noise that occurs after flushing. The reason is most likely the float valve, also known as the ballcock valve. This problem can be easily resolved by adjusting the ballcock mechanism, or because the parts are so inexpensive, you might also opt to replace the whole thing. A quick Google search of “ plumbing supply store near me” and you could be well on your way back to a quiet toilet.

Ghost Flushing

This happens when the water in your toilet tank slowly begins to seep out, likey through a faulty flapper. Once your toilet float gets below a certain level the water switches on thus causing the toilet to flush on its own. To determine if you have a faulty flapper another issue, put food dye in your toilet tank. If the water leaks into the toilet bowl after a half hour or so, then it’s confirmed what causing the trouble.  or not the flapper really is the culprit, put some food dye in the toilet tank. Replacing the toilet flapper is also an easy job that you can perform on your own.


A gurgling sound can be attributed to a blockage of either the toilet, drain for the toilet, vent stack, or more commonly a main sewer drain blockage. The sound you hear is from the air that escapes backwards into the toilet. This can be a sign of a more serious issue. Unfortunately, most people will not realize that they have this issue until the downstairs bathroom beginning to overflow with water from the toilet and showers. If this happens it means that there is a blockage in the main drain that is causing the water to back up and enter the home. If your toilet is making a gurgling sound contact a Mission Plumbing technician before  the situation takes a turn for the worse.

Although most plumbing issues can be easily fixed with a little patience and research, there are some plumbing repair jobs that are best left to the pros. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Mission AC and Plumbing. Give us a call at 713-520-2012, or fill out and submit a Contact Us form found here on our site whenever you’re ready.

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