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25 thoughts on “2017 Mini Split Comparison Daikin vs. Mitsubishi vs. LG vs. Fujitsu Review – Ductless HVAC Systems
gina | Reply

please update the Mitsubishi Electric SEER and warranty. Mitsubishi Electric starts at 5/7 warranty and goes up to 12 same as Daikin. Please see link with current warranty:
http://www.mitsubishicomfort.com/product-warranty-statement also
Mitsubishi Electric best efficiency is 33.1, please see link and update article:

thank you!

Gina, Yes, Mitsubishi has a "33 SEER" However this article is NOT about the highest efficiency unit available but on midline units which are more commonly purchased.

Mitsu still has 5 and 7 year warranties.
12 Year warranties are ONLY granted for those who install with a "DIAMOND DEALER" AND register the unit within 90 days AND will ONLY stay in effect for the original owner/buyer.

Paul | Reply

I’m wondering why you list the warranty for the LG as 5 years, but every ad I see for them says 10 years on the parts and compressor.

Only LG Excellence dealers can offer the 10 year warranty on their products. However LG has taken such pride in its Excellence dealers that we now offer 12 year parts and compressor warranty.

I don’t agree with your assessment. I was a Fujitsu dealer and they had a multitude of problems in the 15K series heat pumps. The other problem with Fujitsu is if the last three digits of the model number for the inside and outside units are not the same they will not work together. I have since became a LG dealer. And you can customize the system to your hearts content. You can mix interior cassettes to best work for the job at hand. You don’t have to have matching BTU like Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. LG has not been without its problems in the past. But the new LG far surpasses the competitors. This is from a company that actually has to work on them and not just a rating company.

John | Reply

I live in Queens Ny and I am worried the the Dakinen 5 degree heating range will not be sufficient is the wind chill factor an issue? Do I need the Mitsubishi -13 degree unit? This will be my primary heat source. Thank you

Jeremy | Reply

You may have a few days a year where it does not keep up or heat efficiently. Its definitely a good idea to go with the low ambient version, its only a few hundred more and you get piece of mind

I am a AC contractor in South Florida. You have missed the boat with your opinions. ALL the units are of similar size and noise levels. ALL have similar warranties. ALL do the same thing.

What is important is your company’s reputation. Which unit is the most trouble free to operate, year after year? Which has the fewer warranty issues? Even if it is a covered repair, a failure is still down time and as such, causes issues with the homeowner, who in many cases, relied on the contractors opinion.

So, whoever makes the smallest, the quietest or even nicest shade of WHITE, is not really important as who makes the most reliable (not cheapest) to run year after year. It is that reliability that the homeowner mentions to friends and family when asked about their mini split. It is that brand reliability that will get you more referrals and more income. Forget selling brand names and individual features. Sell reliability and cooling or heating ability to your customers.

Jeremy | Reply

Daikin has a 12 year parts and compressor warranty, while the other brands only have 5 for parts and 7 for compressor. How could you say they all have similar warranties?

ryan c | Reply

I agree, which do you think is most reliable?

Alan | Reply

Jeremy, Considering reliability and cooling, which brand would you recommend for a CB 2.5 car garage here in Indian River County, FL? Thanks

Peter | Reply

This comparison of equals is bogus. The Fujitsu 12RLS3 is comparible to the Mitsubishi FH12NA series. You are comparing an older technology series of the Fujitsu to the newest Mitsubishi series. You are either uninformed or perhaps disingenious.
The 12RLS3 has a SEER rating of 29.3 and HSPF of 14. The highest in the industry. I installed one in my home in Canada in 2015 and can’t believe how efficient it is. Mine continues to heat well after my neighbour’s Mitsubishi shuts off. Get real! Or do your homework!

kingdomvalor23@yahoo.com | Reply

Actually, the heating of Fujitsu is 15F to 75F

kingdomvalor23@yahoo.comn | Reply

meant -15F to 75F for heating

Nick Bern | Reply

Follow up Review to Fujitsu Mini Split Heat & AC

I purchased a Fujitsu Mini-Split heat pump in the fall of 2016. In January of 2018 it ceased working and I have been without it now for 2 1/2 months during the coldest weather of the year and Fujitsu has shown no interest in repairing or replacing the unit. In fact, they have continuously lied to my dealer and myself about how long it would take to repair and now for weeks they have lied about shipping it back to me, saying it is shipped when it has not.

This in no way reflects on my local dealer, Haynes Heating and Air. Haynes has gone out of their way to help me and is being misled just as I am.

I should have been more careful. I thought that by doing business with a Japanese company that I was assured of doing business with people who are honorable and ethical. But when my unit broke I discovered that the ‘warranty’ only covers parts, not labor. I wish I had seen that before I bought, It would have frightened me off. Luckily, there has been lots of labor involved here and Haynes is eating all those charges, even though they do not have to do so.

But Fujitsu has been of zero help, and they will tell Haynes whatever they have to just to get them off the phone. They have had the unit in their shop at Fujitsu for all this time because they could not figure out what to do to fix it in the field. And now they have been saying for three weeks that it is shipping when it isn’t. And they had the nerve to say that they were ‘backed up’ and that is the reason they took so long.

Customer Service does not allow for this. Honor would demand that they replace the unit if they could not fix it in a reasonable amount of time. You just do not take a customer’s heat source from them in the middle of winter and act like it is unimportant to get it back to them.

Mini-Splits are great. But choose your manufacturer very carefully. Make certain you do business with honest, honorable people who understand the value of a good reputation. I did not do that. I did business with Fujitsu and have lived to regret it. Don’t repeat my mistake.

ryan c | Reply

what is the model number of the Daikin 16x16x8 indoor unit? I haven’t been able to find it.

Reviews can help others to know the pros and cons of a particular product. So getting feedback and then choosing the ac unit is also a good way to get the ac unit for you.

Donin13 | Reply

What do you think of Carrier?

Barry | Reply

You should compare apples for apples. The Fujitsu unit in your comparison is not their high end product. A very flawed review!!!

Welp. I’d suggest re-reading the article. This is not an article about the highest end of ANY of the brands shown. Also bare in mind this was written over a hear ago so of course it is flawed. All major brands continually update their products. What was high end now tends to be middle of the road in short order. Your best bet is to head to each manufacturer’s website to get the full details. All of this information is readily available.

Another suggestion. Give me 4 current apples to apples models you’d a comparison on. I’d be glad to write a new article showing each.

frank | Reply

How does American-made Rheem stack up?

Robert Goodof | Reply

We have 3 Daikin ductless units and 3 Fujitsu units. The Daikins are nothing but trouble- cutting out ( must reset outside circuit breaker), leaking, inside and out. Customer service will not help- they read a list of local firms, without knowing how bad they are. The guy who installed the Daikin will not return calls. Another visited the units, did nothing, and sent a bill.

Fujitsu’s are great- not a single problem n three years.

Gary Layton | Reply

My Fujitsu unit quit after five years. The installer said it is not uncommon and that I would have to replace the unit. FIVE YEARS! I highly recommend that anyone in the market for one of these consider that the Fujitsu unit will quit, and that Fujitsu isn’t going to take any responsibility.

Ray | Reply

I have 40 Daikin unita installed thru out all my unit and I never had one one problem… FYI just replace a lot of Fujitsu’s because they were leaking a lot and the boards kept going out one me…

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