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TOP 5: Reasons to buy an INVERTER air conditioner

January 31, 2017 | Blog



Watch this video If you’re on the fence thinking about whether to purchase an inverter air conditioning system.  Here we have a customer that had a Daikin DX20VC inverter system installed on this home and several months after installation the local utility company dropped by.  His utility bill dropped so dramatically that the utility company assumed their meter had stopped working correctly.  NOPE!  His unit was just that much more efficient.


 1. EFFICIENCY – The most efficient central air conditioning systems are inverter variable speed units.

2. COMFORT – Inverter units have longer run times when cooling.  This directly translates to lower utility bills AND more humidity removal.  This is especially important in Houston, TX and other humid environments.  No central system delivers more comfortable air.

3. CONSISTENT TEMPERATURES – Compared with two stage and single speed a/c systems an multi speed unit will run at the specific speed needed.  This translates to delivering consistent heat removal and indoor temperatures that are more closely aligned with your set temperature.

4. OVERRUN CAPACITY – Many Inverter units such as Daikin’s and Lennox have the ability to run over their stated capacity when temperatures spike above 105 deg F. This means that an inverter can save you on those scorching days more than any other product type.

5. NOISE – Systems that run at lower rates produce less noise.  No more shotgun starts on the outdoor unit. No more lights dimming when the system starts either.

Of all the reasons to purchase a new inverter ac system the greatest reason is comfort.  The indoor air will be more crisp and comfortable than with any other central air system.

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