REVIEW: UV Light Installation into Home HVAC system

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mike molina | Reply

Hi I found your post after looking for reviews on this unit. There is not much out there but your post gives me more confidence in trying the product. Any further thoughts now that you have been using and living with it for close to six months?

John | Reply

I’d be curious to know how this has been working since being installed.

Margaret Patterson | Reply

So how is it working out?

David | Reply

I had one installed , after duct cleaning. this was the second duct cleaning after renovations as we were still getting some odours with during furnace startup and materials in the filters. So I had the the APOC system installed , didn’t mention anything to the family , but they all said the house smelled much better. Two weeks after installation , I recheck the filter for loose debris found a small lint particle , but all was good. Family is happy and no smells or complaints when furnace starts

J Hawkins | Reply

We did a demonstration with the APCO Air Purifier. We installed one in a fabricated box
with an inlet grill on one end and an exhaust fan on the other side to move air across UV light.
We set system up in a small 8′ x 8′ bathroom, had someone close door to bathroom and
smoke a cigarette inside of room. Turned APCO purifier on, left exhaust fan running overnight, when we returned to room the next day, there was no evidence of smell from smoking cigarettes.

Ms. Randi Gellis | Reply

update please 🙂

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