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Daikin Mini Split installed in Galveston TX

February 9, 2015 | Blog

Daikin Mini Split in Galveston, TX

Mission installed several different mini-split options on this property, all Daikin.  Two systems were one to one (one inside and one outside unit) while the third system was a multi-port (multi-zone) system where 3 indoor air handlers were installed onto one outdoor condensing unit.

All of these options are vastly more efficient than your average central air system at 20 SEER.  They were installed not just for their low energy usage but ALSO because they work extremely well in older homes.  Many older historic homes do not have proper room air distribution through ducts.  Mini-splits work around this common issue well, allowing for previously unconditioned spaces to be comfortable.

This particular installation has a few features worth noting.

1. Mounting Bracket – The outdoor HVAC condensing unit is about 5 feet off of the ground set on a 300lb limit bracket.  We did this for several reasons but primarily for flooding.  Galveston has had its fair share of devastating hurricanes.  Keeping this unit off the ground will protect it from flood damage.

2. Water Sensor – In several of the pictures below, you’ll see a small white box with an indicator light on the right side of the indoor unit.  This is an accessory that prevents water damage inside the home.  Further, it is also a code-required item.  Most mini-split providers neglect to add this item to their systems.  The benefit of this item and why it is required is that it will prevent water from entering and draining into the living space.

HVAC systems naturally condensate by removing moisture from the air that it uses.  This is normal and is typically not a problem as it is drained out of the house. Occasionally the draining system will fail, causing the water to back up and enter the house.  With one of these devices, this can be avoided.

3. Size – The total living space was only ~550 sq feet.  Typically you’d expect for a two-ton (24k BTU system) sized system to be overkill on a home such as this one.  HOWEVER, after doing a thorough investigation and performing an ACCA Manual J heat load, it was determined that a 2-ton system would be necessary to properly heat and cool the living space.  Without performing the proper heat load calculation the incorrect unit would have been chosen and the customer would have been unhappy with the performance of the system.

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