How Much Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost to Install?

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John Hoegemann | Reply

I have the air handler and condenser mounted. I need to drill hole and pass lines to connect both together. I have power to the disconnect box. I need system hooked up , charged, and running. I can do the electrical hookup as needed also. The only thing I may need is the lines cut and flared to length, and charge the system. Is this a job "too small?"

Cannabis Grower | Reply

Same here. Just need the copper plumbed and charged. Green Friendly.

A/C Tech Guy | Reply

I’d rather do a warranty Ice Machine repair…

John Mith | Reply

How many years of crawling under houses and working hard do you think you have left? It’s the people who understand business and how to treat their customers that end up as successful business owners. That attitude might pay off in the short term working for someone else but won’t get you very far.

Scott | Reply

Do you season and sear your steak before you take it to a restaurant to have them finish it, too? 😉 That’s a job I would take only after everything else is done and the phone hasn’t rung all morning with a service call, personally. You might as well get on YouTube and finish it off.

John Mith | Reply

Not every job is a gravy train. You are likely shooting yourself in the foot to with future business. It’s really easy to profile your customer and make the educated guess that they are cheap but that’s not always the case. I have had MANY a customer beat me up on prices for car repairs on a beat up car. I treat every customer with the same level of respect regardless of the money they have to spend. It’s paid off in a major way. More than a few times that beat to death car that was being repaired as cheap as possible belonged to someone’s kid rather than them. Treat that customer with respect and dignity and they will bring you more business every time.

John Mith | Reply

The A/C industry banks on the fact that people don’t want to be hot. Prices reflect this. I’m a mechanic and A/C work is great money. Most of the fixes are quite simple and people will pay the cost and would not understand what you did even if you explained it to them. If you want to save money learn about what you want done and the steps required. There are some good companies and some bad companies out there. You can always tell you are dealing with a bad company when you ask them to break down the costs and they won’t or can’t. An honest business person may charge a high price but always will be able to explain exactly down to the line item what you are paying for. Shop around as prices vary a LOT.

steven quinn | Reply

Steve quinn, Why do you want 4,000.00 to put in a mini split. Well, I have a C 20 license, a EPA license, I half to pick up the equipment on my account, go to depot and get elec & drain, have all tool’s and know how, give a ten yr warranty, and make a small profit if possible. And if I have a helper there’s wage & comp cost. That’s why ! Don’t hire a contractor that need’s to make money to stay in business, do it yourself.

enko | Reply

in Europe cost $ 200-300 to install and most people install themselves. You are not building a rocket heloooo

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