You will NOT earn back your money on an 18 or 20+ SEER Air Conditioner. See the differences between the 14 vs 16 SEER.

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Kaptnk | Reply

I like where you are going with this but for us the cost of a SEER 16 verse a SEER 18 is about $500. That considering, we pay peak electrical rate of 18 cents per kW between 11 am and 1700 hr. We are talking about a A/C in Detroit Mi of 3 Ton two stage with good to excellent home insulation and sealing is good. I project an electrical rate in 10 years of 27 cents peak. Mid peak currently is 12.7 cents of off peak is 8 cents. Over 20 years I expect this difference of $500 will take about 20 years to pay off at current rates. I know that it is very borderline currently but if it is currently paid off in less than 20 years and we are retired and are not going to sell our home (solar panels on roof generate 20 MW hr per year and give $550 per month income). Currently we try NOT to run a/c between 11 am and 5 pm peak and try to push to 7pm off peak. I am sold on a SEER 16 but still trying to justify SEER 18?

Andy Davidson | Reply

Fortunately, I can afford the risk of not recovering all of my investment for an XV20i versus an 18i or even a two stage 17, but because I live in Florida, I’m hoping any "difference" in the total cost to purchase and run an XV20 for 15 years or so, will be less than might be expected in other parts of the country where more exteme seasonal changes are experienced. I’m inclined to believe in a hot weather climates such as Florida, the EER might be more relevant than just the SEER. Oddly enough, I also noticed the 5 ton XV20i has a slightly higher EER than the same 4 Ton model, even though the SEER is slightly lower with the 5 Ton versus 4 Ton. In any case, the differences between the SEER & EER ratings are nominal anyway, but with the high demand for nearly year round air conditioning here in Florida, I’ve chosen the Trane XV20i (I just accepted the replacement estimate and I am just crossing my fingers that I will remain happy with my decision for years to come.

I am in Florida too and wondering if we should go with the higher seer can you explain the EER..

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