How much does a Trane XV20i Cost?

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David Raymond | Reply

I was quoted a price difference of only $500 so xv18 with all matching hardware and ductwork $16,500 and xv20i with all matching hardware and ductowork $17k.


This is entirely likely. Contractors use thousands of different tactics and can have entirely different pricing structures etc. In your case, it sounds like your contractor is only passing on the hard equipment cost difference between the two. Whereas many contractors would create more margin for themselves when selling a more expensive product.

David Raymond | Reply

Yea my contractor is raking it in on the install and duct work but that is the same for me on all my estimates. So basically I think since it is 3 tons according to your article I will not see an efficiency difference but I think the Weather Guard top deadens the sound somewhat and I live in New England where we have lots of tree waste and snow. But I have also read that the Weather Guard top make it harder for the unit to shed heat not sure if this is true in practice or not. So since the cost difference is only $500 do you think it is worth me getting the XV20i?

David Raymond | Reply

One more strange thing about the xv20i versus xv18 is that I have read that the components are identical so basically the software is probably the main difference. And the last thing is that on Trane website the xv20i is rated at 21 SEER not 20 which is odd but the range that is reported is below 20 SEER so how or why do they claim 21 SEER and it begs the question what setup, tonnage and environment actually gets the 21 SEER rating?

Be sure to have your A/C company produce an AHRI certificate. AC systems get their efficiency rating as a whole when all components work together. There may be a scenario where a 2 ton XV20 on an electric air handler hits 21 SEER which is how trane backs up their marketing claim. Most XV20i horizontal match ups(guessing your’s would be vertical) have a SEER rating of 19.25

The tree waste and snow argument is a pretty sound one. I think the additional heat transfer from the black top is fairly negligible despite what some nay sayers have put out there. If I were in your shoes (and I’m not) I would probably swing for the extra $500.

Al Santoro | Reply

Considering a Trane xv20i for my 3rd floor 16oo square foot condo in the south central jersey area. The current unit is a Carrier 3.5 ton unit that has performed well and is 16 years old, but I have leaks which require annual coolant additives, and this year it took 3 pounds of coolant. Unfortunately my compressor shorted out this morning, and rather than replace the compressor and continue to deal with the leaks and semi regular freezing of the condenser I have decided to replace the unit. I am considering the Trane not only for my comfort and lower utility bills, but also as an investment as I plan on selling in 5 years. Nonetheless, I am wondering if the Trane xv20i might be overkill, plus I am concerned that the 3 ton may be insufficient and the 4 ton may be excessive. I have not spoken with any contractors yet but am awaiting quotes from several Trane recommended installers in my area. I also am somewhat ignorant about the whole thing, and am curious if the unit comes with the furnace and thermostat, or if they are an added cost. I am comfortable paying in the $15,000 to $17000 range, but as I have yet to speak with a contractor, I am unsure if I am in the ballpark. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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