How to hit 16 SEER Efficiency on a 14 SEER Condenser

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JEFF | Reply

Doesn’t sound like you’re saying its a true 16 SEER. I mean you define SEER up front just fine but then when you talk about how you get 16 SEER from 14 SEER equipment match ups, then all of a sudden you throw in the AHRI acronym with no explanation of what the heck that means. This makes your article here look a little disingenuous. Now I’m wondering if you’re just a part of this new fad for AC companies that sell us 14.5 seer AC units and charge us for 16 SEER ones. Just saying…………

Splitshaft | Reply

I have a 3-ton single stage r-410a 14 seer condenser matched with 16 seer ADP coil and it appears the combination is exceeding 16 seer performance based on measured power consumption. The equipment combination cools my 2200 sqft home similar to a 3.5-ton system. Dehumidification is excellent even with 1200 CFM air flow over the coil. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Chris | Reply

This article is flawed to so many levels…
First of all seer rating is seer rating, if a system is 14 seer its because the condenser (outdoor unit) and the coil (indoor air handler or cased coil + furnace blower) matched up to have that tested rating. in other words when you buy a car with a 4 cylinder engine verse the 6 cylinder it may be the same car in name only but perform much differently.
Now the reason why the pricing can range thousands of dollars from one system to another albeit the same Manufacturer are there are many other features besides the seer rating. these other features range from compressor staging, blower variable speed, communicating systems, heightened dehumidification performance, sound level, variable capacity and WiFi thermostats. So to compare 2 16 seer systems without discussing the other features you may as well compare a Chevy volt to a Chevy Corvette.
I am an Air conditioning Professional and have been for 25 years this industry is evolving leaps and bounds in that short period of time.

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