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Tankless Water Heaters are overrated: Learn why

November 23, 2013 | Blog


ARE TANKLESS WATER HEATERS OVERRATED?……..Yes, compared to the benefits of a High Efficiency HVAC System.

Much has been said about Tankless water heaters and their many benefits.  Before I give them (and plumbers) too much of a hard time let me just say that, ‘Yes’, they are great products.  I’m not saying, “Don’t Buy a Tankless Heater”. They are more efficient than tank heaters, instant continuous “infinite” hot water, and reduced potential for home damage (ie. breaking and flooding your home with 50 gallons).

If you are considering purchasing one, this could be a great option for you.  Don’t let what I am about to say stop you……. entirely.  My purpose is to encourage you to take a pause and question your thought process.  I’d like for you to consider that OVERALL when viewing your total home and the utility expense of the water heater it PALES in comparison to Air Conditioning.  Meaning……..

Utility savings is MUCH greater when upgrading your Air Conditioning and Heating system THAN going with a tankless water heater.

One item that plumbers cannot yet touch is that the HVAC system consumes a far larger % of your total home energy consumption and by extraction your utility bill.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at Energy Star’s Pie chart on annual energy consumption for single family homes.

So, with this said.  If you are in the market for tankless and have a lot of money…. go buy one……. BUT if you are on a limited budget consider buying a High Efficiency HVAC system(16 SEER or higher) first.

A New High Efficiency HVAC system will positively effect your utility far more than a new tankless heater.

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