Fall is here = Love your Furnace

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iv been an HVAC contractor OVER 30 years AND INSPECTORS COME AND GO. And in all that time i have not met an inspector worth his salt.

Inspectors, as the old addage goes, are heating and A/C contractors who could not make it i n business

Hate to say it but mostly its true.

These guys have the personality of a rock and and were underachiever in the work force, which makes them perfect candidates to be municipal workers.

City inspectors think the job comes with entitlement to lord it over anybody who lets them get away with it.

I was not popular among most inspectors because I would call them on illegal BS violations that were not even in the book.

Needless to say I was not popular because I would be brazen enough to tell them to take me to court if I thought they were wrong.

One thing these wannabe godlings didn’t like was losing on home turf. I started getting "hit" for stuff that didn’t even exist.

It got so bad I had to pull permits thru friends in this guy’s territory. I showed a city judge the inspector was kicking down my jobs not because they were unsafe but because I’d put him, the inspector, in hot water for writing bogus violations.

Inspector got his ears pinned back and has vowed revenge t this day.

Good luck Sparky Im retired now.

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