3 Reasons HVAC Techs Hate the Nest & Is Your Home Nest Compatible

15 thoughts on “3 Reasons HVAC Techs Hate the Nest & Is Your Home Nest Compatible
An Engineer | Reply

One of the reasons why HVAC dealers don’t the NEST thermostat is because the HVAC industry is not rocket science. Engineers draw up specs so not so intelligent people can install the systems. If homeowners would read what an HVAC install comprised of, they would realize that a: to do it "right" is not "rocket science", and b: they save a boatload of cash since HVAC dealers usually mark up the install by 2 to 2-1/2 times.

Vo-tech schools (or technical colleges as they have been renamed – they aren’t really ‘colleges’, the name has been degraded to accommodate junior high mentality service installers and craftsman to feel ‘self-important’) and not that society doesn’t need these ‘monkeys with a pipe wrench’ – I’m an ME with a masters and installed my own -‘it was ‘child’s play’ – most people don’t want to get their hands dirty or spend a few days learning how to put together an HVAC system)

I have several friends who have NEST thermostats and they work GREAT!!! It takes a bit of reading a manual and understanding how to program them (NEST customer service will gladly walk one through it for FREE)

OK so go ahead and flame me now…! (You’re still only service providers)

Skeptic | Reply

Someone with a Master’s Degree, would write a run-on sentence, that long? I call bullshit.

English Major | Reply

I have a Master’s in English and I have read longer run-on sentences in a Faulkner novel. I also work-studied in the writing center helping said engineers write not so long run on sentences so I believe that master HVAC Technician may just hold an Engineering Masters

Homeowners or engineers with masters’ degree cannot legally install HVAC systems without EPA certification and significant technical knowledge taught in trade schools and experience on the job. I am a licensed mechanical engineer and licensed HVAC contractor with a master’s degree in engineering. Engineering school taught me nothing about how to design and properly install HVAC systems per the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) standards and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards. I have taught HVAC classes for more than 30 years to undergraduate engineers and HVAC technicians. I have the utmost respect for HVAC technicians and all the trades since these are jobs no foreign country can ever take away from Americans. More importantly, the highly skilled persons who work in the HVAC industry are generally respectful and diligent in practicing their craft. I encourage property owners to hire licensed and bonded HVAC contractors to design and install their thermostats and HVAC systems because only HVAC contractors and technicians truly understand how to install systems properly to obtain maximum comfort, reliability, efficiency and performance.

Not an engineer | Reply

An engineer. Ur a bu** fu***r. But way to go on those credentials dork

Heather | Reply

To the Engineer…was that necessary? When you bring others down, it says a lot about you. Learn kindness.

Common man | Reply

And the reason why engineers are always laughed at…see below!

What a clown – LOL

The Bartender | Reply

So an engineer, a common man, and a heather walk into a bar…

Peter henry | Reply

Your blog post is just complete quality and informative. Many new facts and info which i have not heard about before. Keep sharing more blog. Thanks!

SB | Reply

Running into Issue with 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat. My HVAC system is deemed compatible per the Nest website. The wiring is correct. My HVAC Contactor relay in both my upstairs and downstairs HVAC units have failed. One day the heat turns on, but no heat? HVAC guys replaced both contactor relays in HVAC – He said, the Nest is causing the contactor relay to fail. Is this a Major problem with these Nests??

Mat | Reply

You will likely need to install a Common Wire and then your hvac will run perfectly! Thats what my problem was… Hope this helps!

Joe Harris | Reply

Check your wires, Nest wont do that. I have installed 3 of them, they all work perfect.

jordan mchale | Reply

i wish i hadnt wasted my time reading this get off my lawn blog post. this does nothing to help people looking for compatibility

Wtf are you talking about. The 1st topic is called Compatibility.

g laing | Reply

Have had it fixed twice because nobody seems to know how to install them. The first time we got a warning in -23 weather that if we didn’t rewire A B and C that our entire heating system would shut down. Luckily for us, the thermostat itself simply stopped working so we were unable to regulate the heat. Now less than a month later it’s some stupid time delay. I’m seriously thinking about going back to regular thermostat.

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