Advice: Repair or Replace my Air Conditioner?

4 thoughts on “Advice: Repair or Replace my Air Conditioner?
Leonard Lipao | Reply

I agree with the information listed in this article, it will help open the mind of the consumers to be vigilant in buying and be wise in spending much money.

Ashley Reed | Reply

Sometimes you just know when your air conditioning is shot. I’m going to expect it to be replaced when I have someone come look at it. It’s over ten years old, and we’ve fixed it at least three times now. I’m going to do some research on the types of units out there before I get it replaced though. <a href=’http://www.metroair.biz/Air-Conditioning-Services-Heating-Services-Largo-FL.html’ >http://www.metroair.biz/Air-Conditioning-Services-Heating-Services-Largo-FL.html</a&gt;

Sarah Smith | Reply

My AC unit is not working properly and I need to get it repaired. Thanks for the advice about how you should find out how much it will cost to replace versus repair, and then go from there. Another thing is that no matter what you do you should make sure to get your AC unit inspected and tuned up once a year to help keep it in perfect working order.

Johnny McCarron | Reply

I like your advice to make sure that the system is repairable. I think that many people are just so determined to just do the repair on their own. However, that can actually do more harm than good if it isn’t repairable. Sometimes, it is just better to get the machine replaced. Do you have any tips about hiring out a repair person to help you with your AC? http://pallettheatingandcooling.com/

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